Hi! I'm Lucy, a freelance Illustrator and Print Designer from York. 3 things I love: visiting bakeries and eating all the cinnamon buns, playing with my beautiful border collie Bob and baking yummy cakes for friends and family.
I work a lot on my iPad, creating digital illustration and at the moment I'm a bit obsessed with Risograph printing. The texture and colour combinations you can create with the process are magical! You can see some of my Risograph prints in my shop.
I love spending my free time hanging out with friends and family (and bob)
And baking glorious cakes! This is the only tiered cake I've ever made and it was a challenge but loved how it turned out. The bottom tier was Vicky sponge, the middle was chocolate fudge with white chocolate buttercream and the top was lemon and elderflower with lemon curd
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