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Noodle Soup A4 Risograph Print
Noodle Soup A4 Risograph Print

Noodle Soup A4 Risograph Print

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This fun 'Noodle Soup' print is a great addition to any kitchen!

Printed on beautiful 120gsm cardstock, by a small independent printers in Glasgow.

The Risograph process isn’t dissimilar to screen printing, where each colour is printed separately. The inks are slightly opaque meaning when layered on top of each other they create new interesting colours and tones.

The process can be slightly unpredictable, but it also produces such amazing textures and patterns, making each print extra special.

Disclaimer: As the paper is passed through the printer multiple times, there is a danger of the rollers picking up ink and transferring marks on to the page. This is something that cannot be helped and even though every effort is made to get rid of these marks, some may still be slightly visible on the print you receive.

Print size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)